Meet the Dentists

We work with caring local dentists who want to help the children of New York stay healthy and keep smiling. Take a minute to meet the dentists!

Dr. Semma Abdullah

Dr. Luz Aguirre

Dr. Francis Barra

Dr. Garima Bhalla

Dr. Ariel Blanchard

Dr. Erica Bly-Fish

Dr. Dascher Branch-Elliman

Dr. Jennifer Corredor

Dr. Jennifer DiGiacomo

Dr. Maxine Dove

Dr. Kirk Finlay

Dr. Andrew Fradkin

Dr. Katherine Friedman-Hickey

Dr. Jeffery Gershon

I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. When I was in 5th grade I had accident which required me to spend many hours in dental offices. That was the beginning of my exposure to, and love of dentistry.


In my spare time I follow many sports and still play basketball and tennis, as well as ski.

Dr. Diala Gibson

Dr. Daria Grillo

Dr. Paraschiva Gusita

Dr. Yangsook Han

Dr. Heather Hastings

Dr. Barry Hecht

Dr. Cameron Hetzler

While in college, I majored in Public Health, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I took many science courses and was always a hands-on kind of person, so naturally, dentistry let me enjoy both things, while also helping to improve public health! I chose New York University to start on my path and it was there that I had the opportunity to work in a mobile van, treating children. Immediately, I fell in love with this way of helping others. I always felt that no parent or child should have to choose between their teeth and their education, and it was clear that myself and Smile New York would be a perfect match. Indeed, it has been! There is no better way to finish the day than the feeling of having made a difference in a few dozen kids’ lives. In my free time, I love learning how to make balloon animals. Usually they are for my wife and niece, but I always have balloons on me while at schools, just in case I am lucky enough to see a child on their birthday!

Dr. Melanie Jackson

Dr. Anu Jolly

Dr. Deborah Kahn

Dr. William Kaplan

I grew up in Brooklyn and went to Wingate High School. After high school, I attended Cornell University and then studied to be a dentist at New York University of College of Dentistry.


After graduating dental school, I did my residency at Jewish Hospital and Medical Center of Brooklyn (now called Interfaith Medical Center), where I stayed on as an Attending Dentist, treating patients and educating residents.


For many years I had a private practice in Manhattan in addition to working mobile dentistry in all five boroughs.


Besides family and dentistry, my main other interests are music, literature and travel.

Dr. Sofia Kavakoglou

Dr. Susan Ku

Dr. Liezl Lampa

Dr. Claudia Lawrence

Dr. Eric Lazar

Born and bred in New York City, I attended New York City public schools before going to Queens College and then University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. I had a private practice in New York City for 40 years before joining Smile New York Outreach.


My wife Susan has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and we are the proud parents of two daughters, both educators, and 4 granddaughters. In my free time I love to read, go to the beach and sail.


Working for Smile New York Outreach reminds me of the famous quote “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child”. I can think of no better next chapter in my dental career than to help children in need.

Dr. Sara Mir

Dr. Marianne Molfetas

Dr. Harry Monastersky

Dr. Sumit Parhar

Dr. Deena Pegler

Dr. Jeffrey Phillip

I attended New York University College of Dentistry. In high school I decided I would pursue a career as a dentist. My stepfather was a dentist and I had an interest in science, with a desire to work in a health profession, which helped to play a role in my decision. I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. I attended public schools that I may soon be visiting to treat student’s teeth. Working with Smile New York will be a wonderful opportunity to help children have good oral health, and to help them establish healthy oral hygiene and diet habits going forward.

Dr. Sylva Piltch

Dr. Veronica Powers

Dr. Melissa Rodgers

Dr. Deniz Salierno

Dr. Joan Santiago

Dr. Ghazala Seedat

Dr. Virendra Shah

I received my dental education in Mumbai, India as well as in New York. Dentistry has always been my passion. I find it very rewarding to help patients take care of their oral health.


I like that Smile New York Outreach promotes the same idea by helping children achieve good oral health.


In addition to dentistry, I enjoy going to art museums throughout New York City. I am proud that my love of dentistry has extended to my children, who have followed the same profession.

Dr. Fa Sun

Dr. Lisa Tiberi

Dr. Antigoni Tsamparlis

Dr. Tasha Vo

Dr. Richard Vogel